Professional Testimonials

“His contributions as a soloist were exceptional and his ability to diagnose vocal problems and to prescribe correct and lasting solutions was an invaluable asset to individual choir members as well as to the choir as a whole.” (1994)
- Dr. Jerold D. Ottley, Director, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
- Dr. Donald Ripplinger, Associate Director, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
“I was impressed by all of the things you can do with your voice—projection, timbre, expression, diction—all of it was great...Listening to you was a good education for me.” (1994)
- Dr. Arden Hopkin, Voice Faculty, Brigham Young University
“The quality of your singing and depth of your musicality was inspirational...Your contributions to the art of music are of great significance and I express my most sincere appreciation.” (1993)
- Dr. Clyn Barrus, Chairman, Brigham Young University Music Department
“C. Houston Hill, in the difficult role of Don Quixote [in Man of la Mancha], emerges as a man with a rare singing voice and a tremendous and powerful acting ability…and when he sings the ‘Impossible Dream,’ one forgets how often (and out of context) he’s heard that song and hears it in an all new light.”
- John Bustin, Amusement Editor, Austin American-Statesman, Austin, Texas (1971)
“I have known C. Houston Hill for several years...His clinical expertise has not only included singing and the teaching of proper singing techniques, but he has been involved with me to a considerable extent with the treatment of vocal disorders…”
- Dr. Keith N. Finlayson, M.D., Salt Lake City, Utah (1994)

Student and Peer Testimonials

- Kristie Copeland, Music Theater Director, Cedar Ridge High School, Round Rock, Texas (2018)

"We feel lucky to have you working with our students!"

To a parent of a student at Cedar Ridge High School:

“I want you to know what a difference I saw in Sarah during her audition last week.  Her work with Mr. Hill has really paid off.  Her voice has grown immensely in strength and it showed in the audition. She also showed a great deal more confidence in her performance than at the beginning of the year.” 

"We had our MILLIE auditions the past two days, and I just wanted to reach out and tell you what great work you have done as a vocal teacher.  All of our students who have been studying with you really have grown and we could not be more grateful for your work with them....I wanted to reiterate my sentiment of gratitude for you and all that you are doing for these students. They have all grown as vocalists and in their own confidence as singers.  Excellent work!"  

- Sarah W., Pflugerville High School, Pflugerville, TX; Choir Student Parent (2018)

"Thank you for all that you've done for Jacob! With your help, his growth is incredible! He is very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you." 

- Katherine D., Cedar Ridge High School, Round Rock, TX; Music Theatre Student's Parent (2019)

"She sang her musical audition song for us this past weekend.  I was stunned!  At first, it was really weird to hear a totally different sound coming out of her, but as she hits some of those harder notes and sang in her head voice (that’s what it is called, right?) it was beautiful.  It seems like a totally new level."

- Sené W.; Cedar Ridge High School Music, Round Rock, TX; Music Theatre Student, Round Rock, TX...on acceptance to Zach Theatre Pre-Professional     Program (2019)

"Just wanted to let you know that I just in this moment heard back... I’m in!!! Thank you SO much cause I know I couldn’t have gotten here without you!!"

- Jackie B.; Henrickson High School, Pflugerville, TX; Music Theatre Student's Parent (2020)

"We do want to thank you so much for all you have done for Paige!  You have helped her develop such a beautiful voice, and a confidence like no other. She has enjoyed working with you, and I have loved watching her improve. I look forward to her participating in the theater department at BYUI, and hope that she will have some fun opportunities there. We appreciate all you have done!"

- Paige B.; Henrickson High School Graduate, Pflugerville, TX; Music Theatre Student (2020)

"Thank you so very much for your guidance over the years! I am so incredibly grateful for your willingness to teach me so tremendously."

- Diane F.; Private Teacher (2020)

"So impressed with your students that I listened to. What a great teacher you are!"

- Heidi L.; Male Student Parent (2020)

"We are so grateful for everything that you have taught him and it is a gift that will last his lifetime. My son loves to sing because of you and everything that you have taught him."