Whether singing pop, country, or operatic classical, breath management is essential to good and safe vocal production. Having worked with injured voices in my teaching career, safety is of utmost importance to me. To that end, I teach the Italian appoggio method of breath management…and yes, it works for all styles of singing! Good and effective breath flow, breath control, and breath support are the foundation of good and safe singing no matter what genre of song being sung. Although skilled breath management is the primary focus of the appoggio, its impact upon phonation and resonance is significant, and my instruction ties all these elements together in a package that teaches basic anatomical functions of vocal production and breath management. Armed with basic anatomical knowledge, students will better understand the purpose of the exercises and work harder to perfect them. Along with breathing and vocal exercises, songs are assigned from the beginning to make the learning process fun and enjoyable, but with the sole purpose of aiding in the development of a sound vocal technique. Graduating to more advanced repertoire will be dependent on how quickly the basics can be mastered. Attached to my studio wall is this "warning" to all my students: