A free introductory lesson is offered for new students. Students accepted into my studio will be charged a flat fee tuition that is detailed below. Payment for music and other assigned teaching materials will be the student's responsibility.  

Note: I primarily teach 8-12 grade students, college students and adults. Exceptions are made for younger students who are actively singing in civic or professional stage productions and need instruction in proper and safe singing techniques in order to avoid vocal injury.

Private Lesson Tuition Policy: The fee for middle school and high school students is $35 per 45 minute lesson and $45 for adults. Two plans are available and are based upon the premise that if a student wishes a teacher to commit a time slot to them each week, the student must commit to paying for it each week. It also considers not only the lesson time spent with each student, but also the lesson preparation time, cost of music, studio supplies, membership in professional teaching organizations, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred for teaching purposes.

Plan A: Monthly Flat Fee Tuition

Students pay a flat tuition fee each month that is due by the first lesson of each month. No reimbursements or monetary credits toward the next month's tuition will be granted. Excused absences (see Attendance Policy ) are issued "Make-up Credits" that can be scheduled anytime during the school year. Make-up Credits not used by June 1 will be forfeited.

The fee is averaged out over the semester based on the number of teaching months and how many lesson days each student has in each semester. This method creates a monthly rate that is the same each month, thus avoiding high spikes that are caused by the increase in the number of lesson days in a five-week month.

Plan B: Semester Lump Sum Payments

Pay the full cost of all lessons in a lump sum payment by the first lesson of each semester and receive a 5% discount. The same absence policy in Plan A also applies to this plan.

Late Fee: Payments made after the 10th of the month are considered late and will be charged a late fee of $20 on the next month's invoice.

Summer Lessons are also available from June 1 through the second week of August. Lessons are scheduled according to summer vacation plans for both teacher and student. During a typical nine-week summer teaching schedule, students are required to take a minimum of five lessons* to hold a priority spot in my studio for the coming school year. A summer flat tuition fee is due by the first lesson in June. 

*If you would like more than five lessons during the summer, consult with the instructor privately.